Passing by Petroşani, Romania, nothing suggests that there lives one of the oldest Romanian communities: the ‘Momârlani’. Because of the coal mines started in 1840 and because of the urban development, most of the population had to adapt to the new life, or to retire their households to the mountain. One of the oldest rural communities seems to have a doubtful future, as few of the young members still know and respect their origin, customs and traditions.

10.000 of them still live in the region called Jiu Valley, some of them reminding of the Romanian ancestors, the Dacians, one of the Europe’s most evolved civilizations between the 1st Century BC and the 2nd Century AD. The ‘Momârlani’ keep wearing similar clothes to the ones that Dacians used to wear, and some pagan rituals are still common in their culture, as praying to trees and hugging them afterwards or burying the dead relatives bodies in their property’s yard.